About us

The story behind Elixir Garden

Here at Elixir Garden, we strive to provide people with the best anti-aging solutions and also genuine knowledge behind from secret traditions.

Our founder was equipped with classical education in traditional Chinese medicine from young and later on gained extensive clinical experience internationally to help people fight diseases that most often can’t be healed in hospital. Inspired by real life, he went on to search for the holy grail solutions to the source of most human diseases – aging.

The ancient knowledge provides us with the direction and the breakthrough in modern medical theory provides the reins. The result is the Elixir Garden Renewale Capsules and Serum that gives the body the mixture of natural herbs to heal and regrow itself beyond what was thought possible. This holistic age reversing process is shown to be safe and effective for almost everyone.

A younger body and healthy mind are only means to an end. Our goal is to lead a revolution that that we can still enjoy the same lifestyle as we are young because we believe everyone deserves this opportunity.

Our letter to you

Dear Customers,

Congratulations on reading our report. Your life will turn a new page. We are very excited to invite you to enjoy the achievements of our revolutionary breakthrough in the field of human anti-aging. You will become more than ever before younger, more beautiful and passionate, and enjoy a beautiful, joyful and happy life.

Throughout the ages, “immortality” has become a dream that people have been pursuing. Many people have tried various ways to delay aging, but in the end have not achieved significant results. According to the theory of “lifespan coefficient”, the lifespan of a species is about 5 to 7 times of their growth period, and the growth period of human beings is 23 to 25 years. So the normal life expectancy of human beings should be 115 to 175 years old. But so far, most people can not enjoy this expected lifespan, but only about half of it. Why do human beings age before they get old?

A very important reason is the unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits. Although many people love life and pay attention to their wellbeing and disease prevention, incorrect knowledge leads them to the wrong path of health and beauty, deviating from the laws of nature, and tilting the balancing mechanism of the body’s internal environment, which end up jeopardizing one’s own life and aging prematurely. What a pity!

From the perspective of cell biology, the telomeres at the end of cell chromosomes are for protection. However, they shorten a little after each cell division, and after division of 50 times, they shorten to the point where they no longer can protect chromosomes. On top of that, during cell division, DNA can undergo abnormal changes in replication due to damage from ultraviolet rays, X-rays, oxidative damage, free radicals, and other harmful substances. With the accumulation of errors, the genes of the chromosomes are unstable, or when the genes are recombined, abnormal proteins are produced, and so the cell function becomes low, and cannot continue to divide, showing signs of aging or even malignant transformation.

Telomerase is the basic nucleoprotein reverse transcriptase that lengthens the telomeres with shortened chromosome ends, thereby enhancing cell proliferation. It play an important role in maintaining chromosome stability and cell activity in cells of different species.

Our products can activate the telomerase regulation gene JZ-X to regulate the telomerase. The telomerase lengthens the telomeres at the end of the chromosome, and turn them into long living cells, and activate your own dormant stem cells. So our products have the function of reviving and rebuilding the human organs and comprehensively renew various cells and thereby strengthen the functions of various systems in the human body. Physiologically reversing 5-20 years of age is possible like magic!

The human skin is like a mirror to reflect the functional state of the internal organs and endocrine conditions of the human body. So the most effective and practical way to keep beautiful is to reverse age and keep young. Youth is the most beautiful period of life. The demeanor, posture, and charm of young people are naturally radiated from the inside. It is the kind of natural beauty that cannot be achieved by any cosmetics.

Usually after two weeks of treatment, the skin of the whole body becomes tightened and also elastic, tender, smooth and toned. More fundamentally, the memory is enhanced, the immunity is improved, and the vitality is stronger. It reduces the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as diabetes, cancer, stroke, coronary heart disease, and hypertension. It can also prevent the occurrence of other senile diseases, such as senile body shrinkage, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease and so on.

I wish you younger, more beautiful, healthy and a long life!

The owner of Elixir Garden

Our Logo

Our logo is the English letter E with an herbal flower. The letter E is the initial of Elixir – meaning a magical or medicinal potion in the English language. In Chinese, the equivalent is ”Xiandan”, a pill that can help you to achieve immortality. It is most often called ”Jindan””, which means Golden Elixir – hence the golden color of the logo.

The letter E, which is the fifth letter in the English alphabet, is also the initial of earth – the fifth Earth element in the Five Element theory in Daoism. Earth is the mother of all things and represents growth, stability and leadership. Our company would like to be the source of ”Elixirs” – wellbeing products that we handpick for all beings with the bestows from the mother earth. 

Our mission

Holistic well-being for all people.

We all grow old but why some people look more youthful than the others? No need to blame on genes. Now we all can have more control over our ageing process.

A life of unity with all beings.

Peace and unity with all living beings depend on our health and happiness. To achieve that, we must all take a more mindful approach to our lives and reconnect with nature.

Spread the benefits of traditional natural medicine.

For centuries, China has perfected natural medicine using herbs and the principles of Daoism. It can help solve many of our modern problems if we keep the tradition alive.