Rejuvenation for the Modern Age

The Daoist medical wisdom is holistic. It sees the human body in different layers – Jing, Qi and Shen and different stages – prenatal and postnatal states. Hence rejuvenation is to return from postnatal towards prenatal states and at all three levels. Daoist cultivation for immortality is a systematic and profound rejuvenation process that starts by refilling the Jing from heavenly energy until in the last step cultivating the physical body together with the Yang Shen to merge with the Dao.

For most people, to complete the Daoist system is beyond scope. However, Elixir Garden’s RENEWALE range of products can work directly on the physical body at the cellular level. The requirement is that our Jing, Qi and Shen should be relative strong so that the herbal medicine can work to convert the prenatal energy to renew the physical body. Hence to you will notice that the results from our products will be more effective on younger rather than with older people above 70. We encourage customers should start their RENEWALE treatment in their 30s. We also encourage our customers to adopt Daoist exercises to strengthen their body while taking our products.  Together, they work miracle on you in the long term.

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